The exclusive club of Elite traders

We are the first company to create a bridge between retail traders and the institutional world. We help you become a performance trader ready to work for large investment funds.

What do we do?

Only4Traders was born from the need for profitable Traders to be included in our group
  • We train specialized futures traders, for professional companies (Prop House, asset management)
  • We train traders psychologically as performers with the help of our performance coaches
  • We develop software for professionals (intraday traders and swing traders)
  • We have a team of 3 people who continuously develop and improve their software
  • Each of our software is registered and patented in the calculation, use and interpretation functions
  • We offer traders all the investment/training/management opportunities

Our goals

  • Give continuity to the traders who choose my method/strategy;
  • Create a private Club of traders, an Elite of performers and make them independent;
  • Manage capitals with my Traders group, and have them work in our Assetmanager/prop house.
  • Give all traders access to use the software/strategies/knowledge to increase profits;
  • Grow traders emotionally and psychologically with our support;
  • Helping those in need with the money earned on the financial markets (charitable projects).
Free coaching

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