SmartFlip Software

Indicator for Ninjatrader platform designed to identify institutional footprints
combined with our Smartime software you are always on the right side of the market.

What is SmartFlip software

It is an algorithm developed by our team to help our traders improve entries, build positions and have optimal risk management. It issues real-time information on institutional liquidity that enters the market only under certain conditions. It comes as a monthly license subscription and works exclusively on Ninjatrader 8 platform. It helps traders to be more confident about their inputs, to be more confident about which price levels to take action on, and most importantly it helps them to have more control over their discipline.

How does the software work?

SmartFlip works on all time frames and all types of candles. It emits sounds, at the time of the signal and through a criterion of our algorithm it shows you in real time the strength of the buyers or sellers that have entered the market, it automatically puts you the level where you should enter and it also marks the area where all the liquidity is so that you can manage your stop loss with a more logical and objective criterion.

SmartFlip is an indicator and as such should always be interpreted according to your strategy if you want to increase your chances of success.

Our Traders combine it with our Smartime software to have additional operational filters including time, a key filter in volumetric trading.

The two software combined and all the services included at smartime are an operational revolution, never seen before in the market. Work on all futures and regulated markets (No CFD’s).

We provide you with 10 years of experience on volumetric analysis and innovative software to read real-time liquidity movements from large traders, to give you the ability to make your trading your profession with unprecedented management.

What you get with our software

With SmartFlip you receive: video tutorials in your confidentiality of how to install and set the indicator, plus we provide you with a file with our favorite settings so you can replicate them.

Follow in the footsteps of institutional

Our subscription plans


  • Full Access
  • Monthly Payment
  • Automatic Renewal


  • Full Access
  • Six Months Payment
  • Automatic Renewal
Six months


  • Full Access
  • Annual Payment
  • Automatic Renewal

Disclaimer and FAQ

  • If you are a beginner please contact us, this software may not be suitable for you.
  • If you are a management company please contact us to evaluate the solutions for you.
  • The use of these indicators in no way constitutes investment advice and in no way guarantees investment success, so before using this tool you are advised to understand its use well.
  • All of our software/indicators are subscription-based with automatic payment and no subscription is refundable once confirmed.
  • We do not provide trial or test options, you can always try one month and cancel anytime you want at no additional cost.
  • This indicator will be installed on your pc and you will need to provide the Machine ID.
  • We recommend before purchasing to send an email to get specific information and make your decision in total and full autonomy.

It is a subscription indicator that works only and exclusively on ninjatrader platform, other platforms are not accepted by the indicator, you will be able to see the signal on your ninjatrader chart in real time.

You buy the subscription that suits you, you send us an email with your machine id and to the same email we reply in 24/48 hours sending you the indicator in .zipper format that you are going to install on your Pc. At the time of purchase automatically access your reserved and you have all the video tutorials available to better understand the settings and functions of the indicator.

To all traders who want to trade intraday with their technique but want to have additional information to always put themselves on the right side.

Through the indicator you will be able to see diagrammatically on your chart where institutional traders have entered and whether they have entered buying or selling in a way that makes it easier for you to understand the market.

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