Your personal virtual trading coach

The first and only proprietary software that protects your capital from behavior harmful to your operations by avoiding the biggest fear of every trader: the margin call.

What is SmartVault?

SmartVault is the innovative application that protects you from undisciplined behavior. All you need to do is set up your operational and monetary trading plan and if you reach the limits, it will block your operations, preventing the famous margin call or substantial losses until your trading account burns out. With this software, which you install directly on your PC, you have to all intents and purposes a real assistant by your side who tells you when to stop, especially on those days when you're in the grip of emotion.

  • The only tool currently on the market with these functions
  • Suitable for those with overtrading and compulsive clicking problems
  • It helps you become disciplined and saves your account from excessive losses
  • Control all your daily operations
  • Your operation is controlled by passwords that cannot be changed
  • Combined with this tools, we offer the operational review service with our mental coach to increase your performance

How does SmartVault work?

SmartVault is a software designed by traders for traders who struggle every day with their psychology and discipline in respecting their operating rules on the markets. Many traders have days with unexpected and above all unaccepted stop losses that lead them to implement overtrading behaviors, risking making mistakes that compromise their capital. SmartVault was created, designed and engineered by professional traders to solve this problem by enabling any trader to operate in total peace of mind.

Installing our software directly on your PC is like having a coach, an assistant who supervises you and blocks your operations if you don't respect the parameters that you set yourself. SmartVault protects your trading account from compulsive clicking, revenge trading, overtrading. Everything happens on our telegram channel so that together we work on the psychological aspect through advice and techniques, to make you become more and more disciplined and finally see your trading account grow continuously. All protected by password so as not to modify the parameters. Before buying, it is always recommended to take advantage of the free advice to understand together how to set it up and how to make it operational.

Your personal assistant

See some practical examples of how SmartVault helps you become a disciplined trader.

The strengths of SmartVault

Our subscription plans


*The application only installs on Ninjatrader at the moment, it doesn't work on other platforms. *All our software is a monthly subscription with automatic payment and no subscription is refundable once confirmed. *Renewal is automatic monthly by credit card/paypal, it is renewed every 1st of the month. **We don't provide trial or test possibilities, you can always try one month and cancel whenever you want at no extra cost. *This application will be installed on your PC by one of our experts and you will need to provide us with your "Machine ID" number. *Once your parameters have been installed, we lock the software with a password, to change the data you will need to contact us and we will do it for free.

How does it work

Simply install the SmartVault software directly on your Ninja Trader platform. Once installed you will need to provide us with your machine id and we will set all the parameters for your operation.

How to access

You purchase the subscription, send us the machine id and we will contact you via email to install it. We set your password, or you can do it yourself, but you have to be sure not to change it when you are emotional

Who is it suitable for

To those who have discipline problems and want to have help from a software to block operations and recognize their emotional weakness, improving them with our support and specific techniques and becoming a disciplined trader.

What info you have access

You have access to a series of fundamental information. Every time the application issues a small report on our telegram group we will work together on the emotional and repetitive patterns that block your growth as a trader.