Trading software

Read about the markets from behind the scenes

The only proprietary and patented software that allows you to trade by following the market makers with a 95% probability.

What are our software for?

  • You learn to do market analysis like a professional both in the very short term and in the long term
  • You learn to present your analysis and reports, to be a disciplined trader with the right focus
  • Learn how to manage your capital while maximizing profits and manage risk like real institutional traders do
  • Learn to observe market movements in detail and learn to apply new confidential operational set-ups
  • Learn about the operating levels where the market makers are positioned and learn about the quantum analysis part of the futures market
  • You learn to recognize market feints and the areas where they usually pick up stops
  • You learn to manage the account thanks to certain operating rules that lead you to be in profit even if you make some mistakes
  • You learn post-analysis techniques that allow you to perfect your trading

Made by traders for the traders of tomorrow

Our proprietary and patented software

We are the only ones, both in the Italian and international market, to have trading software with a deposited and patented license in the calculation, use and interpretation functions.

Software SmarTime

It works in favor of institutions and market makers.
  • Quantum algorithm, which detects the time of the price with an accuracy of 85%;
  • Work on market makers' orders and project a movement forecast in terms of time;
  • Combine this time on different time windows;
  • It has a 10% error spread and you know when it's time to buy and sell;
  • It indicates the strength of the market and warns you with alerts when you need to enter the market;
  • See the Pocs in real time if they are buying or selling;
  • Through the smartdelta you can see the open orders on the market in real time.

App Smart Vault

Your virtual assistant to avoid margin calls.
  • The only tool currently on the market with these functions;
  • Suitable for those with overtrading and compulsive clicking problems;
  • It helps you become disciplined;
  • Saves your account from excessive losses and control all your operations;
  • All controlled by passwords that cannot be changed;
  • Your capital is safe from undisciplined behavior;
  • You cannot go beyond the limits of the strategy you set and it controls working hours and rest days.

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