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What is the Performance Program?

Before we explain our program, we want to tell you right off the bat that it's not classic online training like you've always seen or done. It's not open to everyone, you can't buy it online, but you have to apply and then you have to pass the selections. We have developed a very revolutionary program in trading, never done before, we use the same method used by professionals to bring you to be a profitable trader. The program is all about your performance, both in the technical aspect but also in the emotional and psychological aspect. You are supported and followed daily by our professional traders, our mental coach in real time in our private trading room. We provide you with highly confidential information, innovative analysis methods, real-time risk assessment, money management lessons, software, indicators and much more....

The program of the pathway

The pathway of NO DEADLINE, you come in with us and stay with us until you become profitable, we invest in you. When you get to be profitable you will have a range of choices to continue with your career, you can work with one of our partner props, or you can work at Assetmanager, Prop house istitutional, or you can remain an independent trader from home, but you will always be supervised by us.

Stage 1

  • Send us an email, explain what you are looking for and if you have any strategies you currently use, and ask to apply.
  • We will place you in a work group where we want to see how you work for at least two months.
  • After the two months you will have to fill out tests of ours internally regarding your personality, your knowledge from the technical aspect, we evaluate you 360°, not just your performance.
  • Then if you pass the selection we will interview you to get to know you better and see if your goals match ours.
  • At the end if you fit the selection criteria you go on to sign the entry contract.

Specific program dedicated to improving performance. You will have access to some new information that you only find in the trading rooms.

  • Start right away with a dedicated course with our mental coach.
  • In the first phase there are weekly two-hour group sessions for about 10 consecutive weeks.
  • The mental coach will always be there to help you, support you in all stages of your evolution.

No trader is left alone, all of us are always present in the trading room ready to monitor and correct your trading and emotionality.
Live meetings and corrective webinars are also included in the program.

If you join the program you have access to all our software at very favorable prices and special conditions that no one has ever offered.
The software and indicators we give you will bring rapid change to your performance and trading style.
In addition we have innovative techniques and methods that our mental coach provides to our traders in sessions all one to one to elevate your performance.

Stage 2

  • Once the software and new indicators are in place you will see how your operations get better and better.
  • This is where phase 2 of evolution begins where it has the goal of creating the track record to enter the institutional world or enter to work with us.
  • Open an account with one of our partner props, we help you pass the challenge.
  • We provide you with a document to build proper money management, but also control software on executions, targets, stops and more.
  • The track record we want to create is what we will present to our partners.
  • This is the key to successful trading and becoming profitable.
  • In this aspect we work every day, we have techniques that allow us to give a real-time risk value to each trade that we will provide you with just to improve accordingly the right size to use for each trade.
  • All monitored in real time, and with dedicated sessions and dedicated software.

When you enter the program you can choose to include new indicators as support for your technique.
These indicators are connected to our servers and you can use them for a period of three months at a very discounted price to test them and understand their potential.

**The indicators work only on ninjatrader8.

  • We provide you with our trading room and software for a period of 30 days so that you can understand how they work before you start using them.
  • Also through specific webinars we teach you their reading and interpretation of the new logics.
  • We are the only ones to offer from the very beginning our EAs free of charge for a period of three months to all students entering the Performance Program.
  • As you study and train you will have the opportunity to earn fully automatically, our EAs are 100% automatic and are reserved only for our future traders.
  • All initial costs will be totally paid by the market.
  • I recommend you go and look at the actual performance of our EAs.
  • No company provides you with automatic systems for free for the first 3 months in order to pay you back from the initial cost.
  • Also, our 3 systems that we will provide you with, you can choose to keep them in the future or not at no additional cost.
  • We want all our traders who join our club to have a chance to be profitable and make a living from trading.

The benefits of the Performance Program

  • You learn to do market analysis like a professional both very short-term and long-term.
  • You learn to present your analysis and reports, to be a disciplined trader with the right focus.
  • You learn to manage capital by maximizing profits and manage risk as true institutional traders do.
  • You learn to observe market movements and new confidential operational set ups.
  • You have exclusive software and indicators at your disposal
  • You have access to a mental coach who follows you every day
  • You learn unique emotional control techniques to enable you to increase focus, concentration and performance.
  • You have the opportunity to enter working in the institutional world with our partners.
  • You learn about the operational levels where market makers are positioned and learn about the quantum analysis part of the futures market.
  • You learn to recognize market fakes and the areas where they usually go for stops.
  • Know in advance where the market is most likely to reverse.
  • You learn how to manage the account by certain operating rules that lead you to be in profit even if you miss a few trades.
  • You learn post-analysis techniques that allow you to perfect your trading.
  • We prepare you for Prop House entry tests and access software at a discounted price forever.
  • You learn how to assess the risk of a set up in real time, how to manage the size of your account according to the risk of each set up with very precise rules.

Trading Live conference

Reserved for performance program traders

We like to work online but we think that being all in the same trading room working is better.

That’s why we organize live days, which are usually two/three rounds of trading all together and each time in different locations to make it easier for all our traders to travel.

What we do on these days:


No deadline


Institutional traders



The Performance Program is suitable for whom?

Your gateway into institutional trading

We prepare you to follow in the professional footsteps of the pathway teachers: to become a trader for investment funds or prop houses. In fact, upon completion of the pathway you will be able to:

Enter the institutional world:

You will be able to apply as a trader at prestigious investment funds or prop houses with which we have partnered over time.

Work on your own:

If you have your own capital available you can decide to work as an independent trader right from your home operating with strategies that institutional traders use having a competitive advantage over other independent traders.

Bonuses included in the Performance Program

SmarTime software

30-day subscription included.
Bonus reserved for our students at the end of the course so they understand what it means to have professional tools that support them in trade choices but especially in all management. You will be able to work on multiple markets simultaneously maximizing performance but without stress.

SmarFlip software

90-day discounted subscription.
Software to install on your Pc that helps you identify liquidity entering the market and especially improve stop management. You can install the software on as many markets as you want and thus have an accurate map of where the best liquidities are located and take much more precise action.

Our international awards

Our strategy has been nominated for the FiNext Awards. The FiNext Awards are the awards given to finance rock stars around the world. In particular, the "Excellence in Finance - Products" category aims to highlight innovative ideas and strategies. Just to be nominated in this special category alone is a great sign of appreciation from the global financial community, and it could not be otherwise, given the effectiveness of the strategies.

The selection is limited

Apply now to reserve your place and access the selection.







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