Study with us and become an Elite Trader

We are the first and only company made up of professional traders that helps you create a career as an institutional trader both technically and psychologically and provides you with software to increase your performance and manage large capitals.

What is the elite path?

The elite path is not a classic trading training course, it is a program studied in detail by professional traders who have been working in the institutional environment for years and have decided to make methods unknown to the general public available, and to reserve them precisely for an Elite limited team. Entering the Elite program means being personally followed by traders and a mental coach, where they check your operations daily and verify your emotional aspect. We have developed software and programs that give us the possibility to monitor your learning path closely and understand what your weaknesses are and then transform them into your strengths with special techniques. Unlike normal trading courses that just teach you a simple strategy, we at Only4Traders train our team of elite traders to be excellent analysts and traders through a level program never seen before The whole program is done live, including streaming lessons, live trading rooms and reviews, we are practically in constant and daily contact.

The program of the path

The 12-month journey to start your career as a professional trader supported by the best professionals. At the end of the course you can choose to work as an independent trader or at a management company or prop house. After completing phase 1, a month of rest and then off to phase two of the training program.

Phase 1

116 weeks of live technical training
Our team of traders teach you an intraday strategy on index futures and a swing trading strategy based on volumetric analysis, and a series of quantum analysis logics.
212 hours of live trading room with the teacher
Trade live markets together, putting what we learned in theory into practice.
310 hours of live psychological training
Evolution path of the trader, it is important to have a good and solid mental strength to manage the market. The trader must always be ready to manage his trade and his performance, in this path you will learn a new mentality as a trader, you will learn who and what controls you when you trade but above all we provide you with techniques and methods that our professional traders have been using for years to always stay calm and focused on your goal.
4Private study group
No trader is left alone, all of us are always present in the telegram channel ready to check and correct your operations and your emotions.
5Direct contact with the performance coach
You are in direct contact with the coach who is always ready to support you in difficult moments and in moments of euphoria, guiding you step by step to become a true performer, all through the control of what you write, speak, behave, at any time it is always there at your disposal, he is a figure ready to train you in every respect.

Phase 2

1Analysis refinement
Together with our traders, you will acquire new skills on day-to-day trading and on refining your analyses.
2Operational pre-session analysis
30 consecutive days under observation to perfect the pre-session analyzes with the creation of a specific personal routine for each individual trader.
30 days of operational refinement of the trader where we observe the operational discipline in every single aspect.
4Performance improvement
30 days of Evolution and improvement, insertion of new technical information to improve performance and money management.
5Use of our proprietary software
30 days of verification of operational consistency and compliance with the rules of institutional managers and use of our proprietary software.
6Real test and simulation for Prop House
1. Prop House entrance simulation test 2. Real test at one of our Prop House partners 3. Ready to be institutional trader
Trading camp

Reserved for students of the elite path

A week of live trading with trading professionals where we teach you how to work like in the trading rooms of large institutions. During the trading camp you learn:

  • To operate as in the operations rooms of large funds
  • To read the market with new techniques and new professional tools, between indicators and proprietary software
  • To improve position management
  • The psychological approach of an institutional trader
  • New techniques for breaking the mental blocks that keep you stuck
  • Possibility to spend a day in a trading floor of one of our partner companies depending on the number of students

The benefits of the path

  • You learn to do market analysis like a professional both in the very short term and in the long term
  • You learn to present your analysis and reports, to be a disciplined trader with the right focus
  • Learn how to manage your capital while maximizing profits and manage risk like real institutional traders do
  • You learn to observe market movements and new confidential operational setups
  • Intercept algorithmic machines (HFT) and when they enter the market to reverse the trend
  • You learn how to build an operational map the night before so you always come prepared and always know what to expect in the market the next day
  • You learn to always be in favor of the market, controlling forces, accelerations and the time factor to have a competitive advantage
  • Learn about the operating levels where the market makers are positioned and learn about the quantum analysis part of the futures market
  • You learn to recognize market feints and the areas where they usually pick up stops
  • Know in advance where the market is most likely to reverse
  • You learn to manage the account thanks to certain operating rules that lead you to be in profit even if you make some mistakes
  • You learn post-analysis techniques that allow you to perfect your trading
  • We prepare you for the Prop House entrance tests and access the software at a discounted price forever
  • You learn to evaluate the risk of a set up in real time, to manage the size of your account according to the risk of each set up with very precise rules

Who is the route suitable for?

  • To those who believe that trading is their life and want to make it their profession at all costs

  • To those who want to become part of a work and life project, sharing ideals, joys and sorrows

  • To those who want to become a Trader and believe that it takes time and constant work to do so

  • For those who want to work in the institutional world and build a career in Fintech

    Your gateway to institutional trading

    We prepare you to follow in the professional footsteps of the teachers of the course: become a trader for investment funds or prop houses. In fact, at the end of the course you will be able to:
    1. Entering the institutional world: you can apply as a trader at prestigious investment funds or prop houses with which we have established partnerships over time.
    2. Working on your own: if you have your capital at your disposal, you can decide to work as an independent trader directly from your home, operating with strategies that use institutional ones, having a competitive advantage over other independent traders.

    Our international awards

    Our strategy was nominated for the FiNext Awards.

    The FiNext Awards are the awards given to the Rock Stars of finance in the world. In particular, in the " Excellence in Finance - Products " category the aim is to enhance innovative ideas and strategies .

    Just being nominated in this special category is a great sign of appreciation from the global financial community and it couldn't be otherwise, given the effectiveness of the strategies.

    Bonuses included in the course

    Software SmarTime

    30 day subscription included
    Bonus reserved for our students at the end of the course to make them understand what it means to have professional tools that support them in their trade choices but above all in all management. You will be able to work on multiple markets simultaneously, maximizing performance but without stress.

    App SmartVault

    15 day subscription included
    Bonus that always allows you to keep all your operations under control, helps you stay focused on your trading and forget about risk management, he does everything for you, excellent for those traders who work with multiple markets at the same time and with problems of discipline.

    Free coaching

    Do you have any doubts? Book a free Coaching

    Book your free coaching now, choose the date and time and fill out the form indicating the reason why you want the free coaching so that we can prepare all the answers you need.







      Frequently Asked Questions

      1Is the route also suitable for a beginner?
      No, it takes at least two/three years of trading experience.
      2Can I follow the lessons even if I have a full-time job?
      Yes, it is possible and all lessons are recorded, including the trading rooms.
      3How is the course structured?
      Live streaming theory lessons and then trading room practice sessions and then group remedial webinars and some one-to-one sessions.
      4Will I always be able to access the lessons?
      Yes, you will have lifetime access to the lessons and course materials.
      5How much is the minimum capital to start operating?
      You need a demo account initially, but then a live account at ninjatrader with a minimum deposit of 400 Euros, a starting account of at least 2500 Euros would be better and recommended.
      6Which platform do you recommend to use?
      Ninjatrader to download from our partners area, the indicators we provide work only and exclusively on Ninjatrader.
      7How do you help me get into institutional trading?
      Once trained, we introduce you to one of our partner companies, which provides you with a demo account, for which you will have to take a test. If you pass the test the company will fund your account with real money and then after a real money period we have a history and introduce you to our other partner companies which are institutional Prop Houses or asset manager companies who are always looking for profitable traders . It all depends on how you work and how you manage risk, these companies have a department called the "risk committee" which will evaluate you and decide whether to insert you and how much capital to entrust to you.