Let's build your career as an institutional trader together

We provide you with advanced training and proprietary software to enter the world of professional trading.

Why choose Only4Traders?

Our mission is to provide you with the education, technology, capital, coaching and mentoring to become an elite trader.
Institutional experience:
We have a proven track record of over 8 years in institutional trading which allows us to hands-on guide you through the intricacies of trading, providing you with practical approaches and proven strategies.
You are never alone:
We not only provide you with technical knowledge, but also support you on a psychological level. Financial markets are emotionally demanding – we help you develop a success mindset.
Advanced professional training:
Our strategies are designed by institutional traders with years of hands-on experience in the financial markets. You will learn advanced strategies for intraday futures trading.
Access to the institutional world:
After completing the training and demonstrating your skills, we introduce you to our partner firms to start your career as an institutional trader and take the entry tests.
Our trading services

Join the Elite Traders club

Find out how we help you develop a successful trading career
and enter the world of institutional trading.

Path Elite

12 months of advanced and practical training to learn how to operate on the markets like real professionals. With the route you get:

  • 30 hours of live streaming technical training;
  • 32 hours of live trading room;
  • 15 hours of remedial webinars;
  • Access to our proprietary software;
  • Access to intensive programs for emotional enhancement;
  • 20 hours of psychological training with the mental coach;
  • Psychological support with our coach always at your disposal;
  • Group work and admission test to the institutional world.
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Proprietary trading software

All our software is created by our team and patented in order to make them unique in calculations but also in applicability.

  • You operate following the new volume, time and HFT protocol;
  • Follow the movements of the institutions in real time;
  • Observe in real time when institutional investors are buying or selling on the market;
  • Identify the levels where market makers intervene;
  • You have access to in-depth market analysis;
  • Protect your capital thanks to the control of money management.
  • You can follow HFTs in real time.
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Your gateway to institutional trading

We train you to work like a professional trader and you decide whether to work from home independently or with a management company or prop house.
We are the first company that fits between the world of training and the institutional world, trains traders from a technical and psychological point of view, and we offer software that supports you along the way to then manage more important capitals, we give you all the necessary tools to become a true professional and we introduce you to the professional world where you can test your knowledge. We have your trading account funded by one of our prop house partners and then, if your operations are consistent, we introduce you to the professional world, through one of our asset manager partners complete with FCA certification.

Our international awards

Our strategy has been nominated for a FiNext Award.
The FiNext Awards are the awards given to the Rock Stars of finance in the world. In particular, in the “ Excellence in Finance - Products ” category, the aim is to enhance innovative ideas and strategies. Just being nominated in this special category is a great sign of appreciation by the global financial community and it could not be otherwise, given the effectiveness of the strategies.

The benefits of Only4Traders

  • You work in the institutional world and become a professional trader of an asset manager

  • You can be financed by one of our Prop House partners and start your career

  • We prepare you with constant support to pass the Prop House challenges

  • You have access to our proprietary software with discounts and additional support

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